Business Fields


Our photographic and imaging products range from color film and digital cameras to photofinishing equipment.

Medical Systems

Fujifilm is a pioneer in digital diagnostic imaging, and is expanding into the areas of preventive healthcare and treatment.

Life Science Systems

Our products helps doctors and researchers study DNA and other molecules of life, leading to improved health and well being.

Highly Functional Materials

Advanced materials developed by Fujifilm are key components of the liquid crystal display (LCD) panels used in personal computers and TVs.

Optical Devices

Known for our Fujinon professional TV and motion picture camera lenses, Fujifilm also makes lenses used in digital cameras and camera phones.

Graphic Systems

Fujifilm makes computerized printing plates, image scanners and other digital printing and publishing equipment and materials.

Recording Media

From data backup tape cartridges to Blu-ray discs, Fujifilm is a leader in the recording media market.

Office and Industry

Our industrial and office products include inkjet printer heads and inks, microfilm archiving systems, and semiconductor photoresist materials.